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With each client’s victory, we make roads safer for all.

Fleming Law is the region’s champion for injured pedestrians, bicyclists and car accident victims. We always fight harder and smarter than anyone else to get our clients the best results. Locally and nationally recognized, Washington injury attorney Catherine Fleming has obtained top awards for survivors of bike, pedestrian, and car crashes.

Seattle based personal injury attorney, Ms. Fleming, has accomplished more in less time than what others have attempted for decades. Fleming Law clients who were injured in bike or pedestrian crashes have obtained record-breaking awards. As a result, her fight has led to changes at many levels. Local agencies have modified or plan to modify specific spots on our roads to make them safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. 

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Unlike other Seattle personal injury lawyers, pedestrian/bike accident attorney Catherine Fleming has demonstrated unique success. She has fought hard for injured bicyclists who had to navigate roads with streetcar tracks or other bad road designs.

In Washington, our state transportation engineers (WSDOT) and the planners/engineers for cities such as Mercer Island, Bellevue, Seattle (SDOT) are responsible for reasonably safe roads. This is Washington law.  Catherine Fleming considers the invisible party in injury crashes. With years of research and crash data at her fingertips, she also looks at how a road’s hazardous conditions was the root cause of a Fleming Law’s crash.

In Washington, the law is in place to ensure safer roads. The state, cities, and towns are responsible when pedestrians, bicyclists and others travelers get injured because of unsafe design, construction or maintenance. Washington law provides that each municipality has a responsibility to design, construct, and maintain roads that are reasonably safe for all travelers. (For more, see WPI 140.01 Sidewalks, Streets, Bridges and Roads—Duty of Governmental Entity and detailed examples here.  

Not any Washington personal injury lawyer can point to a track record like Fleming Law when taking on road safety cases. For good reason, Catherine Fleming has earned her reputation for winning cases that clients were previously told were “unwinnable”. 

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Case Results

City’s dangerous design caused serious injuries on Roosevelt Way NE

Client Jennifer Mertlich finally obtained resolution from a $124 million class action settlement against one of the largest health insurance administrators in the country.

$1,550,000 for bicyclist v. City of Seattle
Confidential Pedestrian V. Car – $490,000
Injured Bicyclist – $750,000

“Catherine turned my bad luck into a future full of wonderful possibilities for me.”

-Justine R.

Bicycle Crashes: We make all parties accountable

Fleming Law focuses on helping those injured in bicycle, pedestrian and car crashes in Washington. These crashes often cause catastrophic or fatal injuries, leaving the injured parties and their families wondering how to move forward.

Catherine has succeeded when other bike attorneys have shied away because she has drilled into the issues about road safety planning, design, construction, and maintenance.  For example, she advocated fearlessly for years on behalf of seriously injured bicyclists who were injured due to unsafe road designs in Seattle, resulting in record awards for her clients.

Fleming Law clients deserve full compensation for their  past, current and future damages due to negligent road designs/drivers/pedestrians. Meticulous case preparation includes appropriately valuing the claim. That is a key way Fleming Law obtains the best results for each client. Contact Catherine today and learn how she stands above the others.

A Champion For Safer Roads

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