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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read below for brief answers to commonly asked questions about personal injury claims then schedule a time to speak with personal injury attorney Catherine Fleming to assess the strength of your possible case. The best way to schedule a call is via email. You may use the form at the bottom of this page. Provide as many details about your potential case, including the date of the incident and full names of the potential defendant(s).

How do I know if I have a case?

Do you have a serious injury resulting from a recent bicycle, car or pedestrian accident? If the accident occurred within the past three years, and your injuries required multiple visits to a medical provider, then you likely have a personal injury case, where Catherine Fleming can represent you. Email her to schedule a free consultation up to an hour.

If you are a victim of motor vehicle fraud or a defective car/recreational vehicle (RV), then you may have recourse under Washington state and federal laws that afford consumers protection from deceitful and bad faith conduct of dealers and car manufacturers. Contact Catherine Fleming, who has extensive experience fighting on behalf of consumers, for a brief consultation. Email her with as many details about your potential matter to schedule a time to speak with her.

How much do I have to pay, if you agree to represent me?

If Catherine agrees to take your personal injury case (injuries sustained from a serious bike/car/motorcycle/pedestrian accident) or bad faith insurance (your insurance company refuses to provide insurance coverage that you rightfully expect), she only gets paid when the firm recovers on your behalf.

How soon will I know if we can recover anything for my case?

The timing of when you may recover compensation for your personal injury or consumer protection matter depends on a number of factors. Thus, the time frame varies and is unpredictable. Ethical attorneys are bound to explain that a favorable outcome for their clients takes time and requires careful workup of the facts.