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Bicycle Crashes – Get Best Results with Experienced Seattle Bike Attorney

Bike injury lawyer, Catherine Fleming is an outspoken advocate on behalf of Seattle and Puget Sound bicyclists. For years, Catherine has fought to make local government and its DOTs prioritize the safety of bicyclists. Unlike other “bike lawyers” who aggressively market to local bicycle groups, Catherine has focused on delivering top notch representation, obtaining results exponentially greater than her peers.

Her passion for injured bicyclists was a big reason for starting her own law firm. Previously at one of the largest and most respected law firms in the area, those lawyers didn’t think that Seattle bicyclists injured due to a poorly designed road* could prevail. Fast forward to today. That firm and every other firm now wants to emulate with Catherine accomplished.

*Claims against the City of Seattle, where bicyclists sustained injuries after hitting streetcar/trolley tracks in the road, were long avoided in the aftermath of the South Lake Union Trolley (SLUT) cases. After a King County judge dismissed the SLUT cases, no bike injury lawyer thought it was possible to prevail. Catherine Fleming proved this theory wrong.

These days, Catherine is busier than ever helping bicyclists get justice. If a careless driver hit them or whether Seattle roads failed to provide a bicyclist a safer option, Ms. Fleming is tireless in championing their rights. Streets are safer for all bicyclists as a result However, Seattle still has a long way to go before it earns its claim as a truly bike friendly city.

As Catherine continues her lifelong mission to make roads safer for all, she has developed allies with key road safety advocacy groups, namely Cascade Bicycle Club, and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. Sharing the same goals, together they speak to local lawmakers and government officials to understand why bike and pedestrian safety is important for everyone. These groups, like Fleming Law, want to prevent injuries resulting from a bike ride or walk in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Sample Bike Injury Cases (past results do not guarantee results):

Bicycle Injuries
  • Seriously Injured Web Developer/Musician (2019) – $1.550,000 – Daniel was commuting to his job where he worked as a web developer. When riding his bike near the First Hill Streetcar tracks, due to an unsafely designed road, Daniel was forced to pass the bus in front of him by moving to the lane with streetcar tracks. The track grabbed his bike tire, causing him to fall under a Metro bus. Catherine’s courage and commitment to Daniel’s case changed the landscape of all these bike v. tracks cases in the state.
  • Injured Tech Worker/Commuter Bicyclist (2019) – $750,000 (confidential settlement bars disclosure of defendants) Adam was bicycling to his job in South Lake Union, when a small commercial truck failed to see him when making a right turn. Adam was awarded a $750,000 settlement, less than 30 days before trial was set to start.
  • New Career After Injured Bicyclist/Non-Profit Employee (2018) – $900,000 (NDA bars disclosure of parties’ full names) – Justine worked for a well-known nonprofit in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. When bicycling to head home, she never made it. A right turning car failed to look out for bicyclists in the path next to him, running his SUV into the left side of Justine’s body. Justine is mostly recovered but will always have a subtle limp along with physical and emotional scars. With her recovery, she could finally attend a full-time graduate program for her MSW without worrying about her income.